Tuesday, April 26, 2005

TMNT: Vignettes Post 1

Author's Notes: I want to try something different with my writing style, episodic rather than tightly structured novels. If all goes as planned, each chapter will be a self-contained story happening between Bloodlines and the Ronin. A lot happens but this is as cohesive as it gets. Enjoy.

  • Taro meeting and teaming up with Allie.
  • Mike and Raph's fight over Allie.
  • Leo and Lotus intimate.
  • Allie and the Snake Pit.
  • Blowing up the Technodrome.
  • Zack's training.
  • April and Nagi.
  • Lissa, Josh, Agmaraa and Zack.
  • Donnie tutoring the seniors.
  • Raph and Casey.
  • Allie getting Skulls's bike.
  • Allie trying to help and gets rebuffed.
  • Allie and Sammie helping with April's breakup.
  • Allie and Mike looking for Technodrome from rooftops.
  • Allie setting up her Ronin stuff--the computer and users are Nickey's.
  • The band breaking up and Mikey getting Jimi--lesson from Splinter.
  • Zack meeting the gaming group.
  • Allie helping without Turtles noticing.
  • Donnie getting more pacifistic.
  • Splinter reflecting.
  • Leo and Lotus dating.
  • Allie meeting Snake-eyes
  • Allie meeting Mona.
  • Inheritence.
  • Leo and Raph brawling.
  • Lotus setting up her apartment.
  • Leo doing something alone.
  • April and Casey.
  • Billy's funeral from Stern's POV.
  • Allie's nightmare at the farm and Splinter's counsel.
  • The trip to the farm.
  • Splinter's feelings on son's growing up, the outside world influence, etc.

The Ronin Edits

Need to add this section to the Ronin Chapter Twelve.

Mona surveyed the crowd from the freight elevator. The dance floor inside the Snake Pit was packed as usual. The crowd didn’t seem to mind her replacement. She spotted Allie between the elevator and the stage, near the wall. It hadn’t taken her long to show back up here.

The blonde norm spotted Mona and met her halfway. “You’re not performing?” She yelled over the amplified music.

“Nah, Snake-eyes has me on special assignment. Let’s go upstairs.”

Allie followed her meekly to the elevator. That alone was enough to make Mona’s skin prickle. The club din disappeared as they got out on the third floor dining room. Mona steered them to a booth in the back corner. “How’s Splinter?”

“Better. He’s staying awake for longer times. Donnie says we’re lucky it wasn’t a stroke.”

“So what was it?”

Allie glanced at her before shying her eyes away. “Donnie says it was a chemical imbalance, but the real reason is he’s old. He was my grandfather’s pet rat before he was mutated. They don’t like to think about it. I’m not real crazy about it either.”

Sage stepped up to their table. “Hi girls. Allie, college keeping you to busy to come visit?” The older woman put her hands on her hips.

Allie smiled up at her. “Sorry, it’s been hectic.”

“Don’t look like you’ve been eating right either. Two dinners and I don’t want to hear no back talk.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Mona saluted. Sage shook her head and left. The salamander-girl turned back to Allie. She twirled a paper-wrapped straw on the table with her peach-colored fingers. Mona could still see her pensive expression. “Your grandfather’s pet? No wonder you got involved with the Mutates.”

“Actually, I worked with the Mutates first.” Allie looked up. “How much has Raph told you?”

“Try next to nothing. Both our dates have gotten interrupted by emergencies.”

“They aren’t Mutates.”

Sage set their drinks down and bustled off again. Mona sipped before saying, “I gathered that with the way them and the guys in the black pyjamas throw down, the Foot Clan from the evening news right?” Allie nodded and Mona continued. “But how much do they know about us?”

“Nothing. I haven’t told them.” She lost control of her modulated voice. “You don’t know how they are! They’re the only ones who can do anything about the evils on the world so just stay out of their way. If they knew about Val Tech, they’d take that battle over too. They can’t split their concentration on two foes. Besides we can’t have the Shredder targeting Mutates to get to them. And Val Tech would hunt them to learn how they were mutated.”

Mona blinked as Allie lost her fire and looked miserable. “Okay, if you say so. I’ll keep my mouth shut to Snake-eyes too, but he already knows I ran into them.”

“You have to keep your mouth shut; they’ll swear you to secrecy.”

Mona shrugged. “I still don’t know where they came from, so I’m not hiding anything from anybody yet.” She took a bite of the chicken-fried steak. “Yummy. And if you don’t think Snake-eyes opinion that they’re lone wolf Mutates needs to change, I trust you. But somebody needs to level with me.”

Allie sighed and bought herself by chewing slowly. “Promise you’ll act surprised when Raph tells you?”

“He’ll never know you told me anything.”

Between bites of dinner, Allie told her the story of ninjas and elopements, murder and mutations, a hidden baby and unprepared grandchildren and inheritance, and the cycle of vengeance.

Mona finished her drink. “It sounds like a bad Japanese anime.”

“Welcome to my life. Stick around and enjoy the ride.”

“I finally found a guy who thinks I’m gorgeous now. You think I’m givin’ that up?” Mona giggled.

“Good luck trying to civilize him. Keep mum about my involvement in the Mutates when you do have to tell him.”

“If they start hanging here, they’re going to find out.”

Allie pushed her plate away. “I know. I’ve been trying to find a way to tell them for three years that won’t betray either side. Just give me a little more time to think about it.”

“That I can do, girlfriend.”

Allie smiled at Mona for the first time all night. “So what special assignment are you on? Or is it top secret?”

“Not top secret. I’m trying to find the Ronin and see if she poses a threat to us.”

“Good luck.” Allie stood up. “I’ve got to get back to the dorm, studying and all that. See you later.”

“Don’t be a stranger around here.” Mona thoughtfully watched Allie leave. Sage came back to the table. “Well?”

“Kept her under a light scan like you asked me to. She was telling the truth.”

“I figured she would but best to have empathic lie detector confirmation.”

Sage frowned. “On more thing, her adrenaline levels started spiking at the end of the conversation right before she left.”

“Thanks, Sage.” Mona sighed. “Damn, just when I thought I had a handle on everything.”