Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Notes for end of Evil Jack series

Moved from a draft created for Intentionally Left Blank on June 3, 2004

I don't want to think or write about cleaning, money, non-existing web updates (I have the hardest time sticking to that schedule). The end for the 4th Evil Jack story finally gelled and since I'm afraid of losing the notebook I put it in (I've found notebooks this weekend that I had lost for years), you're getting a free preview. You should know how rare this is, so no complaining.

Evil Jack is only going to be 5 stories long. The first two stories are already done "Domestic Bliss" and "In Sickness." Like I said this is the end of the 4th story.
Carbine stared at the kitchen door as it swung shut.

Stoker turned and captured Vinnie, Modo, and Rimfire in his best authoritative glare. They snapped to attention. He gave them a get-the-hell-out-of-here sideways nod toward the garage doors. They tiptoed to their bikes and eased them out and onto the street.

Carbine never noticed. "He loves her. He really does love her."

"Sit down before you fall down." He eased a chair under her and pushed her on to it. He straddled the nearby workbench and scrutinized her bleak expression. "It's not the end of the universe. You still got me."

She glared. "You are the most egotistical... what makes you think I even want you?" She crossed her arms over her chest.

"Oh come off it. All the advisory meetings, the visits to training sessions, inviting me along for this little jaunt; you can't stand to be away from me." Stoker grinned, and gently pulled her right hand toward him. His fingers stroked the fur on the back of her hand. He watched her brown(?) eyes go hesitant. "And I don't have any problems with that."

She made a feeble attempt to pull her hand back. "Stoker...."

"You and the Rookie were growing apart long before he left Mars. You dealt with that by walling off your heart. I'm not letting you do that this time. You deserve some happiness too."

A thud above shook the rafters and rained dust into the garage. "What was that?" Carbine tried to get up.

"Charley's surprise, and none of our business. Where was I? You deserve happiness, I'm crazy about you, aw heck with the script." Before she could answer, he put his hands behind her ears and kissed her.

You probably just shot all your chances straight to hell, you stupid old man. What the hell were you thinking? He eased back from her, letting his fingers run through her black hair.

Carbine blinked as she eased forward. Her mouth fell on his and her arms wrapped around his neck.