Friday, August 29, 2008

Best definition of fanfiction ever!

[info]allronix1 on August 2nd, 2008 06:40 am (UTC)
My first fandom? Oh, hell, it's an 80's cartoon. with all the cheese that comes with it. It just happens to be chevere instead of He-Man Velveeta or Thundercats brick cheddar...but you never forget it's cheese. The fan community can explore a lot of things the writers hinted at, but just couldn't do with the genre's limits.

Tin Man? It's a freaking Sci-Fi Channel Original. Those are best known for "shoot it in Vancouver, cast someone from a defunct SF series, and grabplotlines from another studio's recycle bin!" Even better, it's based on a series of books where the writer could not decide, in the course of the same book, whether or not people could die in his universe or not, and it's best known adaptation was so far off the mark as to miss the dartboard. (Good songs, and Ray Bolger rocked, though)

Henry Jenkins, in Textual Poachers, described fandom as an odd mix of fascination and frustration. We're fascinated by the characters, the universe, the potentials of the story...and usually frustrated past belief at the crappy execution of those potentials.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Strix Metrics 02

The first step to revitalizing this project was to gather together any and all files and put them in one spot on the harddrive, and then put a copy on a flash drive. When I didn't find any files lurking on any flash drives I thought it meant I hadn't typed much and had been handwriting all my notes. This is what I get when trying to make my brain work after shut off time.

Now I'm copying over the handwritten notes with the niggling sense I have already done this and I need to check the harddrive when I get home. *Sigh* Why does it bother me? Because I'd like to be all wrapped up with Battleplan Bravo before moving on to complete Charlie, which is next on the list.

Okay, after going through the papers, I realize what I'm remembering. First thoughts were captured in a purse notebook and then transferred to the big notebook. Typing was never done. Yeah, I'm not double working myself.

Finished going through the papers and finished typing most of them. Good thing, there's stuff in them I would have hated to lose. Now what I have left is character work to type, which is directly tied to Battleplan Charlie 1. I'm rolling!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Biker Mice From Mars: Evil Jack: For Worse 25

Progress Bar from Writertopia

Ahead of my schedule for once. Nice thing with having established all the website pretties for a series is it only takes ten minutes to create a title graphic and most of that is waiting for files to upload and save.

One thing I noticed I need is one spot on the harddrive for the copy 'n paste web text. I'm sure a file is around but finding it is the pain. Time to do a purge of My Documents again and I should make it an annual chore.

The project isn't completely finished yet. The hardest part is done, the actual text of the story. I finished typing up all changes, creating the third draft on August 17, 2008. Final word count plus disclaimer text is 21,782. Now what I have left are the little publication touches: writing the Author's Note, getting it up at, and figuring out how to let the dedicated fans see it first.

The last one bleeds over into changes I want to make at the Library, so I can't dally with any of it. It's time to get my ass in gear with what I want to do instead of letting it wallow.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Biker Mice From Mars: Evil Jack: For Worse 24

Progress Bar from Writertopia

Unofficial tally based on my paper edits that haven't been made to the file yet. But how is that for trimming? I think I have finally found a method that works, even if it's a rather math heavy method.

Take the word count. I usually just use the number Microsoft Word spits at me. Take ten percent of that amount, that's the tally of what needs to go away. Go through the manuscript and count the words cut and added with notations in the margin. Continue until minus ten percent has been reached.

It works easiest in sections. Though I have found that by using this method, when I add up all the trimmed sections, ten percent of the total wordage is gone.

I also found the spots to break the story up for FanFiction.Net teasing. So I finished my Big Rocks for this project this week.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tin Man fill-out form

Story: please provide a link
Rating use your best judgment if one is not provided
Author's summary:
Warnings: please DO NOT warn for slash or het, this should be made apparent in the characters/pairing line

Recced because: a few sentences on why you are reccing this story

Posting here until I can actually fill it out. In the mean time, how the hell do you contact anyone inside LiveJournal without a LJ account?

*Grumbles about sending an email should be required*

Finally got some free time to fill this out appropriately. So I will probably have to edit the first chapter on when I get home. *Sigh*

Story: Tin Man: Dragons and Ninjas
Author: KLCtheBookWorm
'Verse: Tin Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Legend of Zelda
Rating: Mature
Author's summary: Five months after the Eclipse, Longcoat attacks and dragon sightings terrorize the population, so DG and her companions set out to save the O.Z. again and cross paths with a Slipper on a mission of his own.
Characters: DG, Cain, Glitch, Raw, Zack Baker, Jeb Cain, Azkadellia, the Queen. Pairings: DG/Cain
Warnings: Uses original characters from author's TMNT and Zelda fanfiction, but you really don't need to read them to know what's going on.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Tin Man: Pirates of the Nonestic Ocean

I didn't name the body of water, blame L. Frank Baum. What I did do was come up with a bloody marvelous scenario to introduce pirates and the Gnome King to the O.Z. So I wrote it all out to get the story right because it will be ages before I get to work on it. I finally wrapped it up today, and was noting that I wanted to keep the POVs limited to Cain and DG, when I realized what I wrote out was a Master Scene Summary without detailing the locations, POV of each, and the time frame.

It would have been less work to do it that way! *headdesk*

But I roughly did the same thing with Tin Man: Dragons and Ninjas, so I think I need to keep doing them.


Have no idea what to do with it, but I think it fits in the Fairy Tale universe

Biker Mice From Mars: Evil Jack: For Worse 23

Biker Mice From Mars: Evil Jack: For Worse

Progress Bar from Writertopia

Sheesh, ain't I finished with this story yet? Apparently not.

  • Started writing: July 18, 2007
  • Finished first draft: February 22, 2008
  • Started typing: September 9, 2007
  • Finished typing second draft: March 1, 2008
  • Started editing: March 2, 2008
  • Finished second draft edits: April 17, 2008
  • Started third draft: August 10, 2008

No one got back to me about beta reading and I got distracted with the ethnography of doom and then Tin Man: Dragons and Ninjas. A thousand apologies because it should never take me this long to finish anything written.

Currently, I'm working on the last of the edits, trying to cut the words down to between 22,099 and 21,827 (I got messed up on my word count somewhere). As long as it lands lower than the current amount, color me happy. Plus I'm trying to decide where are the best cliffhangers for when I post it on FanFiction.Net. I have no time table for that because now limits the amount you have in the Document Manager and Tin Man: Dragons and Ninjas currently has it filled. Plus I really want it to be part of the whatever replaces the Yahoo group that I haven't worked out yet.

Tin Man: Dragons and Ninjas 1

Tin Man: Dragons and Ninjas

Progress Bar from Writertopia

Perfect writing storm is the only way I can describe what happened to me with this story. I started writing it on June 4th and finished the first draft on July 17, 2008. I can't remember when I have last wrote a first draft that fast. And it wasn't a wimpy manuscript, 79,449 words.

I finished the second draft on August 3, 2008 and whittled the manuscript to 71,503 words. Started posting to that day too. No point to waiting because most people at the Yahoo group are fans of my BMFM stuff and I'm working on changing how that's all announced anyway when I get to the website updates. It's a weird hangup, but I just assume people won't like my obsessions so I don't expose them.

The prefect writing storm drove all thoughts of doing metrics on the story out of my head. Thinking back on it, I have to wonder where I went. It was like automatic writing only I remember stopping to do research. I'm not complaining about it, just noting that it's odd.

So here's links to the comments I made over at Blank about Tin Man: Dragons and Ninjas:

And to make up for the lapse of metrics on my part, here's the four theme songs for Tin Man: Dragons and Ninjas.

"Home" by Breaking Benjamin

"Suffer" by the Echoing Green

"I Turn to You" by Melanie C

"Save This Fairyland" by Angelzoom