Monday, July 20, 2009

Tin Man Personal Fanon 01

Well, while waiting for things to upload, my muse solved the pesky how did Cain and Glitch get to the Tower so fast plot-hole from the miniseries. And when it popped into my head, I had to wonder why everyone is so bent out of shape about it.

Glitch found Cain and brought him back to DeMilo's wagon and got him warm so the Tin Man didn't die of hypothermia. (That splash you heard is all the slash fans hitting the gutter.) He left and got firewood, because we pick up with them when he is bringing it back and Cain points the gun in his face.

So my solution, once Glitch was sure Cain was not going to die, he went out to look for Raw. But he found his lab and the garage in the Palace instead. He gathers up the tools and replacement parts to fix the broken axle, bringing them back to DeMilo's wagon. Then forgot that he had when he saw they needed firewood and trotted off after some.

I see Cain coming out of the wagon, stoically despairing at reaching DG before something bad happens to her, and stunned to find the pile of tools next to the wagon. "Where'd this come from?"

Glitch: "You expect me to remember what you can't. Oh hey, where did the tools come from?"

They repaired the wagon and hauled ass until they had to ditch it to sneak closer to the Tower.

Ta-da! Not complicated at all. Wish the miniseries writers had actually put that in there, but then we probably would have lost Glitch-fu then.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Websites are back

The budget is squeaking like a mouse in a trap, but I managed to get the hosting bills paid. Next step is to get the updates finished and set up the Project Wonderful ads. Then I can go back to the creating content and crossing my fingers so nothing breaks while I'm concentrating on other things.

Yeah, I think I can check in on things again in December. After I turn in the Faulkner paper and get a new diploma.

Downloads work again.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Live Journal Form for Tin Man: What Memories Can Bring

Story: Tin Man: What Memories Can Bring
Author: KLCtheBookWorm
'Verse: Tin Man, pre-miniseries
Rating: M
Author's summary: Did anyone else notice the chair in the front yard at Cain's cabin? Did anyone else wonder what was running through Jeb's head when he looked less than thrilled by his father's admission of pride for him?
Characters/pairing: Wyatt/Adora, Jeb
Warnings: Borrowed Gatechic's idea that Zero told Adora and Jeb that Cain died in the suit and they threw his body to the Papay. Borrowed icarus_chained's idea of what the iron suits really do and Zero's creative idea had an unexpected effect. Inspired by Blackmoor's Nights cover of "Diamonds and Rust."

Recced because: a few sentences on why you are reccing this story

I have to do math when I go home tonight, and then I'll find out what I can do after payday. But if I do add the above to the version, it's going at the end. I want people to not realize who's POV the opening scene is in until they get further in.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Object Lesson Learned

It has been a shitty July. Money woes put my websites on ice as well as axed my viewing summer blockbusters. My step-grandfather died, which was the catalyst for real life family drama that I'm not at liberty to discuss. I can share that I'm stressed like a soldier waiting for the grenade to explode. And I was supposed to start rereading Faulkner and have no bloody desire to do that. (In my defense, I'm pleading that I can only deal with one dysfunctional Southern family at a time.)

So what the hell. Tin Man: What Memories Can Bring was finished and I am damn proud of it. I figured forget about the schedules, post it, get some reviews or complaints about the mind games, and at least have the satisfaction that writing is stable right now when nothing else is.

Boyo, I should have smelled this as a bad idea coming. Funeral = family = lapse of judgment and ego defenses. The Tin Man fandom hates me.

I'm not just basing that on a brand-new story with a naked Wyatt Cain only getting two reviews out of twenty hits. I've also seen LiveJournals previously open shut me out once I've started commenting on their stories. I don't think I've said anything to get branded a troll; usually I'm gushing about how much I like it. Maybe pointing out a minor goof-up or type if I noticed it, but never nastily. Yes, I have been cranky about LiveJournals' practices and cranky about being locked out because I don't trust SixApart after the breastfeeding images debacle and how they deleted accounts with the Harry Potter slashfic debacle (users are still not off the hook, but I know I do expect a reasonable timeframe to save my stuff before deletion too). But I never made it personal with anyone, even when I was annoyed with feeling I have something to contribute but I'm locked out of the conversation.

I came to terms with feeling that way, or so I thought. I'd let the fiction take the theories to the fandom. Only now it feels like my fiction is getting shut out of the conversation too. That's just bewildering to me. Good manners means I review or comments on what I read--unless there is no way to say anything nice at all. You review mine and I review yours (though I doubt I got everyone). I've never ran into being ignored before, and keep circling around 'what did I do wrong?' when I know I probably didn't do anything. And it irritates because I have been busting my ass to comment on every chapter of stories I have been reading, when time and energy haven't been available.

What feels even odder is that I feel like I let a fictional character down. This Adora was strong enough to prostitute herself to save her beloved husband, was strong enough to kill herself rather than risk giving away her son under torture, and no one other than me, Suzanna (paper-copy reader), Rissy, and Catyuy gives a shit. She deserves more notice than that, especially with a part that equals 5 minutes of screen time in the miniseries.

This story introduces Miriam, who has a minor role in Pirates. And it combined a whole lot of noodling I lurked and read about, which I probably do need to acknowledge, but I was holding off on editing the bad Author's note at the end until after I get my website back up and can point people to my maps again. *Crossing fingers* Should be on Friday. Though I kind of expected a comment if someone felt I borrowed their idea and used it poorly. :p

It also nails a coffin lid on my desire to continue playing in this sandbox. I will release Pirates, and I will write the sequel to Ninjas and Dragons because it is part of the Zackverse now. Maybe the reactions those get will change my mind. But right now, I don't want to expose the other ideas I have been putting in the story idea box for later (Chelsea vs. the Jeb Cain stalker club, Glitch and Az's courtship, how did Thaddeus get hired, the quest the Seeker sent Betsy on when they first met, a really kinky idea that I don't even feel comfortable summarizing) to this treatment. That's a new feeling too.

Maybe my summary quoting "Diamonds and Rust" that inspired the story, so not to give the twists away needs changing so more people will notice it. So if anyone has a valid promotional change I need to make, I'm willing to hear it. There is probably also a lot of real life shit coloring how I'm viewing this, and keeping me from being able to shrug it off as "people are funny." Just tell me to redirect the paranoia back at the government where it belongs. :)

The object lesson learned: you never get the feedback you are expecting, so don't expect any.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

This Doesn't Bode Well For the Rest of the Year

I don't think a single month has started well this entire year. July is no exception. There's no money to renew the BookWorm's Library or Alt. BM Site's hosting. I'm hoping I don't lose everything in the server while waiting on money to become available. Yes, I made backups but I'm not a hundred percent sure the database backup worked for Alt. BM Site.

HOPEFULLY, the budget will work out with the next paycheck and I can pay the bill. Meanwhile, if there was something available for download on my blogs that now doesn't work, send me a message and I'll see if it's not too big to email.

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