Friday, June 25, 2010

Middle of the Year Update

What did I have open in January and what is happening with it now? If I had known I was going to do this post then, I would've kept better records. After a little research, this is the list I came up with.

Projects and Status
  1. Tin Man: Pirates of the Nonestic -- Currently posting.
  2. "Tin Man: What Memories Can Bring" -- finished.
  3. Biker Mice From Mars: Wars Are Won: Turbo -- finished editing, next in line to post.
  4. Zy's untitled novel -- will be writing next.
  5. Tin Man/Alice: Making Whole -- writing Author's Notes for it.
  6. Tin Man: Not His Kink -- code to HTML.
  7. Legends of Zelda: Hyrueliana -- editing for the Editing Lesson posts.
  8. Steampunk story -- writing
  9. Contest Submissions:
    • "Tin Man: Don't Know What the Other Hands Are Doing" -- Won third place and posted in my LiveJournal. Need to edit for the Library.
    • "Tin Man: Wide Open Spaces" -- Posted in my LiveJournal. Need to edit for the Library.
    • "Tin Man: Every Day I Am With You" -- Posted in my LiveJournal. Haven't decided if it will feature as a scene in the Tin Man: Dragons and Ninjas sequel.
    • "Tin Man: Medals and Luckdragons" -- Posted in my LiveJournal. This is a scene from the Tin Man: Dragons and Ninjas sequel. And no, I haven't started writing it yet.
    • "Tin Man: Where Did That Come From" -- won third place. Need to post to my LiveJournal and edit for the Library.
    • "Tin Man: Victory Ball" -- need to post to my LiveJournal and edit for the Library.
  10. Biker Mice From Mars: Evil Jack: Till Death Do Us Part -- not started.
  11. Total fictional words written this year = 33,961
I'm trying really hard not to work on all of these at once. Because then I get brain-fried and still only work on one thing at a time.

Contests: Where fanfics are concerned, they feel awkward for me. Generating ideas has never been a problem for me, but I do see where prompts can help other writers. Then it feels like all I'm doing is answering contests instead of working on the rest of the list--especially original fiction. So I'm going to rest this goal for a while.

Zy's Novel: I finally decided on this one because it has the most narrative actually done. Don't get me wrong; I have tons of background work to edit into the story, like making the aliens and planets exotic but scientifically plausible, and it will probably affect the narrative in ways I can't see. But the murder plot and investigation has been ironed out for ages. Time to move forward.

Weekly posting experiment: With Tin Man: Pirates of the Nonestic, I have been posting two chapters each week before posting to and it has been a huge flop. I don't know how Chris Dee gets it to work and I'm too tired to figure it out. Nobody's who's reading at the Library wants to leave reviews in the new forum. And I'm SO tired of writing up a newsletter every week. is designed to send out notifications automatically and lets you time uploads. I'm too used to send the whole shebang to the Library and being done! So the LiveJournal Tin Man fans will get links to on a weekly basis until the story is released at the Library from now on.

Monday, June 21, 2010

2010 Fiction Word Count Week 24

Yeah, it's been a while since I've updated and for no good reason. Let's get this all caught up for now.

Week 18

Progress Bar from Writertopia
Finished: "Tin Man: Where Did That Come From"

Week 24

Progress Bar from Writertopia
Finished: "Tin Man: Victory Ball"

Now that I don't have to sew like mad any more, my goal is to add more words to the tracker. Because now it is telling me I'll reach my goal January 12, 2015. OUCH!