Friday, July 30, 2010

Zy's Novel update

July 28th: Gathering my Thoughts on Zy's Novel
I brought the binder labeled "Zy's Novel Transportable Notes" into the restaurant I had supper in and read most of it. The papers aren't as disorganized as I was afraid they'd be. The last time I worked on the narrative, I created this binder to keep the details straight and forgot I had done such a good compiling job. This is what I need to transcribe into the wiki and probably keep a spare print out. Once I have a consolidated print out, I am free to file the handwritten notes.

The outline still works. It should, considering that I first had my glimmer of an idea in 1998 and have been tweaking it ever since.

July 29th:
After discovering my notes were not the cluttered mess I was afraid of last night, I actually spent twenty minutes adding them to the wiki. I had forgotten that I changed Zy's Earth name. *headdesk*

Now that I know where the notes are, I need to find where I left the narrative. I have printouts, notebooks of longhand, and computer files to go through.

Weekend plans. :D

Monday, July 26, 2010

2010 Fiction Word Count Week 29

Week 29

Progress Bar from Writertopia

All of this progress is due to the new words I'm putting into Legends of Hyrule: The Hyrueliana.