Monday, August 21, 2006

Capt. Kate Short Story Post 6

Note from edit: Bring out the antagonism between Locke and Kate earlier. "Shall we see what I can do to your face with a knife?"

Hopefully, that won't spoil the "wait, he sides with her?!" at the end.

The Blue Man Post 20

Note to change due to a returned critique: Murdock protesting Cyndia's (look up alternate spelling of name too--if the author can't remember how to spell it...) involvement in capturing Thernsten. C. showing off how logical she is and leaving out the fact that she has no real self-defense training. Apparantly cocky teenager is coming out as a know-it-all adult.

Let Us Give Thanks Post 5

Something to remember for edits:

Tala grabbed the arm rests of the chair and leaned into Charley's face. "The only difference between me and you is you're only getting threatened and I know whose genetalia to mutilate. ... I have to give Vinnie credit for keeping his mouth shut."

Throttle: "She's right."

Charley placed her hands on top of her temples. "I can't think anymore."

"Well stop trying to think."

"Somebody has to; you guys don't!"

"We do too."

"Okay, name a situation that you didn't blast your way out of it."

"That's not fair. We have to blast our way out of all situations in the end."