Sunday, February 14, 2016

Forget the Sun Metrics 60

Progress Bar from Writertopia

New Words: 338
Chapter One total: 2111
Chapter Two total: 879
Chapter Three total: 1647
Chapter Four total: 867
Chapter Five total: 1317
Chapter Six total: 1719
Chapter Seven total: 1436
Chapter Eight total: 1178
Chapter Nine total: 969
Chapter Ten total: 1313
Chapter Eleven total: 1382
Chapter Twelve total: 1065
Chapter Thirteen total: 1417
Chapter Fourteen total: 861
Chapter Fifteen total: 1429
Chapter Sixteen total: 1256
Chapter Seventeen total: 969
Chapter Eighteen total: 1805
Chapter Nineteen total: 1913
Chapter Twenty total: #
Total words for the first draft: 25,774
What I Accomplished in the Narrative Today: Finished the fixes to set up Chapter Twenty.
Fave line: "I did not meet all the daevas in the world during my long life."
What Else I Accomplished Today: Cooking, bought a new cell phone so I can finally catch up to the rest of the smart phone world, bought some ebooks, cleaned up computer files for that reorganization, and somehow managed not to play with the resin pins from stickers project I have all the supplies for or work on the back bedroom.
What I'm looking forward to: Sherlock Holmes play on the 19th. All my Amazon packages, birthday presents until March! (Not all of what I bought is books, but I got books. No sexy Stephen Colbert though; Amazon doesn't sell that.)

Jewel's concert on March 5th.
What I'm not looking forward to: I have to write to my state legislators, I need to finish demolishing the back bedroom that I haven't had time to work on, and I keep running out of time to work on the new craft project I want to try.

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