Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Forget the Sun Metrics 61

Progress Bar from Writertopia

New Words: 161
Chapter One total: 2111
Chapter Two total: 879
Chapter Three total: 1647
Chapter Four total: 867
Chapter Five total: 1317
Chapter Six total: 1719
Chapter Seven total: 1436
Chapter Eight total: 1178
Chapter Nine total: 969
Chapter Ten total: 1313
Chapter Eleven total: 1382
Chapter Twelve total: 1065
Chapter Thirteen total: 1417
Chapter Fourteen total: 861
Chapter Fifteen total: 1429
Chapter Sixteen total: 1260
Chapter Seventeen total: 969
Chapter Eighteen total: 1805
Chapter Nineteen total: 1913
Chapter Twenty total: 161
Total words for the first draft: 25,935
What I Accomplished in the Narrative Today: After a week from the story, (*blinks* Just how the hell did that happen?) inclement weather sent me home early so I was able to get started on Chapter Twenty. I still had a struggle to get these words out.
Fave line: He gritted his teeth and forced his exhale through his broad nose.
What Else I Accomplished Today: Made it home safely and the storm didn't damage my neighborhood.
What I'm looking forward to: All my Amazon packages, birthday presents until March! (Not all of what I bought is books, but I got books. No sexy Stephen Colbert though; Amazon doesn't sell that.)

Jewel's concert on March 5th.
What I'm not looking forward to: I have to write to my state legislators, I need to add insulation to the back bedroom, and I keep running out of time to work on the new craft project I want to try.

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